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    Welcome to the Vinod Aluminium, a company that is engaged in the Service of Aluminium Fabrication, Stainless Steel Fabrication and Concreate Ring Works as well as Cast Iron Gates, PVC Doors&windows, and Glass Works. We are one of the best Aluminium fabricators in Kerala. The Aluminium Fabrication, StainlessSteel Fabrication are some of our products that have acted as part and parcel in the success of our business.

Quality Assurance

For the production of the above mentioned products the Materials is fabricated using modern techniques. The entire range of aluminium products are highly durable, light weight, resistant to corrosion, good conductor and are recyclable. The customers place orders giving their own specifications for the required products in terms of length, size, shape, dimensions, etc.

We have friendly approach with our customers and provide our entire range at reasonable prices. We follow convent and fast mode of transportation of the products. We follow the set of prescribed quality assurance tests that enable us to make our Services a perfect match to the international standards. The quality tests are performed from the initial stage to the final stage to reduce the probability of faults. The final products are personally checked by our experts to correct the defects if occurred before dispatching it to the customers.